Outdoor Carol Sings 2020

Thanks to David Robinson for providing the following information:

The organisation “Out to Perform” has a very useful website which explains the regulations. It gives a guide called “Carol Singing & Carol Events – a practical guide for 2020”, “a Carol Singing & Events practical guide for 2020, based upon the government's 100s of pages of Covid Legislation, Performing Arts Regulations, and the government's Singing and Christmas Guidance for England”. Especially relevant are the following lines:

Outdoor (Static) Carol Singing Events
This can only take place on public land or land owned by a business or charity. It cannot currently take place in the garden of a private house, though door-to-door carol singing is legal provided the rules below are adhered to, and carol singing takes place more than 2m from the threshold of somebody's door. You may wish to increase this distance to build trust!
Number of Performers
  • Under-18s and Professionals: unlimited number
  • Amateur adults: subject to the (confusing) Rule of 6
This does NOT mean 6 people! The Performing Arts Regulations allow for multiple groups of 6 singing together outdoors, provided that groups do not mingle socially before, during or after. So, you could build up larger choirs by treating them as groups of 6 that don’t mingle socially or get less than 2m from other groups.
Performer Spacing Within Groups
Although the Performing Arts regulations do allow performers to use 1m+ spacing with “robust mitigation”, the government’s singing guidance recommends 2m spacing in all dimensions in order to minimise the possibility of Covid transmission through aerosols & droplets.

Please email info@localcarols.org.uk with further information.